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The title of my book is Slam by Walter Dean Myers. This book is about how an African American Male struggles to play basketball while keeping up with his grades and his own personal life. They call him Slam for his ability to dunk the basketball, but he had to regain his nickname as he switches schools. During the story, he transfers to a rich school that is mainly surrounded by white people. But, he is unable to keep up his grades for his classes which puts him in harm of not playing basketball. His family tries many ways to help him. But, Slam as well is having his own personal problems. His best friend, Ice, who has been with Slam since they were born and had the same baby sitter, is also  asking Slam concerned. They live in Harlem, but Slam and Ice have always focused on basketball. All of a sudden, there might be a chance that Ice is dealing drugs, and Slam is concerned on what to do. As well, Slam's grandmother, is very sick in the hospital. It might no stress him as much, but his mother is very worried and has been crying, which makes Slam more worried now. He has to deal with all of these problems, and try to keep up his grades, and play good ball.

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