Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Blog Post #8

In Percy Jacksons, the Titan Curse, the narrator is Percy and is told in First Person. The mood of the story is to feel helpless/hopeless. This is so because throughout the quest to find his friend Annabeth and Lady Artemis, he doesn't think he will make it. The tone of the story is basically like barely making it. For example, Percy would barely survive the battles against monsters. As well, Percy barely made it in time so Atlas could carry the sky. Also, barely making it in time to save Lady Artemis and Annabeth.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Blog Post 7

In the book, Percy is struggling to stay alive. He sneaks out to go on a quest, but isn't exactly what he expects. In my life, I have experienced many things that I did not expect, such as a new brother, not making a team I thought I would, or getting along with someone. As well, Percy finds out his weakness. He doesn't accept it, and say it is more of a good thing. During my soccer matches, when someone points out my weaknesses, I to do not accept them at times. It is difficult for both of us to learn from what is told to us. Lastly, Percy and I are given major jobs not other kids do. I have a big role in my family, Percy has a big role of saving Camp Half a blood.